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Welcome to the Bernards Heath Junior School PTA page.  The PTA is made up of a team of volunteers who lead and support a variety of events that are held during the academic year.  All parents are warmly invited to attend any PTA meeting and bring ideas or sign up to lead, or be involved in events. 


Last year our PTA organised many events and we raised over £20,000 to help our school. If you would like to support the team this year, please contact the PTA via the school.


You are also welcome to join our 'Bernards Heath Junior School PTA' Facebook page

BHJ Calendar (as at 26.9.17)

Amazing Parental Contributions (Record 53 Hampers!!!!)

PTA Christmas Raffle Prize Winners


53. John Parkinson

52. Ann Lupin

51. Sonali Iball

50. Abi Fowley

49. Katriona Bell

48. Catherine Ritter

47. Katie Carr

46. Mrs Tembras

45. Abi Clarke

44. Amy Smith

43. Tracy McNamara 

42. Mrs Heasley

41. Mrs Rowson

40. Jess Burton

39. Vickie Kateley

38. Mrs Williams

37. Dan Geoffrey

36. Vicki Pearlman

35. Mrs Kiwanis

34. Mrs Sweeney

33. Mrs Hague

32. Sasha Davies

31. Mrs Blakeson

30. Anton Theobald

29. John Albone

28. Leigh McDougal

27. Mrs Duffett

26. Adas Forster

25. Ottilie Rowson

24. Mrs Piggott

23. Stianna Field

22. Louise Balm

21. Sam Collins

20. John Dorian

19. Jamie Bridge

18. Sarah Entwhistle

17. Fiona Saver

16. Duncan R

15. Iris Tym

14. Evie Coates

13. Annabelle Vincent

12. K Cranfield

11. Eleanor Milford

10. Laura (Archie)4A

9. Tony Theobald

8. Mrs Gilbert

7. Zoe Brace

6. Rachel Devitt

5. Amelia Gibbons

4. Faith Finn

3. Jess Taylor

2. Annabelle Simmonds

1. Mrs Parry