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Maths Group HW Set 4.5.18 Due 9.5.18

Maths Group Homework set 27.04.18 due 02.05.18

Maths Homework: Set 9th March - due 14th March

Where's Wally

Where's Wally  1
Where's Wally  2
Where's Wally  3
Where's Wally  4
Where's Wally  5
Where's Wally  6
Where's Wally  7

Maths Homework

My group have been given back their Arithmetic papers. we began going through these and correcting errors in class and are to finish these corrections for homework. I will expect these papers to be handed back on Wednesday 21st February. 


In addition, I have given all the children logins and passwords for their own area on . On this site they will find a range of maths games to play. I will be checking regularly how many have been completed and attempted. Please find a link at on the Year 6 home page. 

If a login has been lost, please ask for it to be reissued as all teachers have a list in their class.

Street Dance Performances: 

Currently the video file sizes are too large for this website to post, I will look into compressing the files to enable them to be posted on the blog in the future.

Maths Group HW due 1st Feb

Maths HW due 24th January

Maths HW due 13th Dec

Adding and subtracting fractions and finding equivalent FDP

A is the easier and B the harder questions

6B Class Treat

The class have earned their first class treat of the year and have voted to have a film/PJ party. They have also voted to watch the Princess Bride as their film. This is a PG but is rated as suitable movie for children aged 9-11; therefore, we will go ahead with watching this unless I receive a written request that you are not happy for your child to watch this movie.

Children are also allowed to bring in a Onesie/PJ’s to change into and an individual size treat eg: popcorn/small bag of sweets/crisps.

Maths Homework set 1/12 due 6/12

Fractions - Simplifying and comparing

you MUST do the times table practice, questions 1-9 in comparing and all of section A in simplifying.

The extension is to complete the THINK Challenge and section B questions of the simplifying page.

Below find a copy of a fractions wall to help you.

Maths Homework Due 29th Nov


Children have a sheet that covers all aspects of the past 3 weeks of work in shape. This should be completed in their books.

They also have a sheet to finish a mind map of all the facts around shape that they have been learning over the past 3 weeks. We started these in class but if they could be completed and checked at home for understanding that would be much appreciated.


Maths Homework Due 22nd Nov

Shape - Area and Perimeter

There are 2 levels of Homework this week which the children have been given dependent on their understanding demonstrated in class. Homework A is the easier and Homework B the harder. 

Maths Homework Due 15th Nov

Finding missing angles and missing values of perimeter.


Maths Homework - Mr Browns Maths Group


Part 1 - Multiplication and Division facts

There are 3 levels of challenge on the sheet A-easiest to C- Hardest. The children should choose the appropriate challenge and complete one whole section. If they find that they are finding it easy they should stop after 3 or 4 questions and choose the next level of difficulty. Equally the opposite is ok if their first choice is too much of a challenge.  

If they are very confident and want to really show off how excellent they are completing 2 sections would be great as the majority of the sums can be completed mentally using their number knowledge.


Part 2 - all children should attempt the small multiples section of work - if they have time and really want to stretch themselves they can try the super challenge questions.


Goalball 1
On Monday, 6B played Goalball. It is a paralympic sport for visually impaired and blind athletes where all competitors wear blindfolds and aim to roll a ball with a bell inside into the oppositions goal to score points. The children had to listen carefully and move to block the ball with only the sound of the bell to help them. All the children had lost of fun and many laughs playing these games while they also refereed and organised each match.


Still image for this video

For English Homework please check Year 6 General Letters


Maths Homework

Set 6/10   Due 11/10