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Bernards Heath Junior School

'Knowing Every Child'

Mrs O'Malley 3O

Experiencing Bronze Age artefacts

As part of our Bronze Age day, the children got to hold Bronze Age artefacts. 


They learned about weaponry, hunting, how bronze is made as well as how people in the Bronze Age respected and honoured the dead.  People were often buried with important objects; such as swords, stones, amber or clothing.

They also learned about how different food was in The Bronze Age - no sugar, chocolate, potatoes or tomatoes!  They saw (and smelt!) a 10 year old piece of fish that had been preserved with salt, and looked at pots made from clay and wood.


They were shown the different types of materials that clothes would have been made from, including some animal skins!

Making Bronze Age pinch pots

As part of our Bronze Age day, the children made clay pinch pots.  They rolled the clay into a ball, pushed their thumb in to make a well and began pinching the sides to create a pot.  We then decorated them using wooden tools, stones, shells, sticks and seeds to make interesting patterns.


It was definitely more difficult than it looks! 


The pots will dry out over half term and the children can bring them home the week after.

Self Portraits

During our Art lessons this term, we have been learning about the work of four different artists - Picasso, Van Gogh, Lichtenstein and Warhol.  


We have started to create our own self portraits, and will complete a quarter in the style of each artist.


We look forward to sharing our finished pieces of work with you next half term!

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