Thank you for all your support on our Up On Downs charity day. We raised an incredible £595.30 through the cake sale and Super hero donations.
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Bernards Heath Junior School

'Knowing Every Child'


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Sian Kilpatrick - Headteacher
Mr John Reynolds - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Laura Astley - Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Hayley Gilbert - Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Julie Lowenthal - Assistant Headteacher (SENDCO)


Teaching Staff

Miss Katherine Taylor - Year 3

Mrs Jessica Williams - Year 3 (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Shelley Dench - Year 3

Mrs Hannah O'Malley - Year 3

Mr John Reynolds - Year 4

Mr Aaron Hynds - Year 4

Mrs Laura Astley - Year 4

Mrs Sarah Withers - Year 5

Miss Kate Brown - Year 5

Mrs Jean Baker - Year 5

Mrs Trish Hall - Year 5

Mrs Jeanette Nicholas - Year 6

Mr Andrew Lovett - Year 6

Miss Fae Honeybell - Year 6

Mrs Joanne Brown - SEN Teacher

Mrs Denise Erlandsen - Class Music Teacher

Ms Leila Jones - Class French Teacher


Teaching Assistants

Miss Kate Brown - TA and MSA

Miss Ella Champken - TA and MSA

Mrs Najneen Choudhury - TA

Mrs Priyanka Fernando - TA and MSA

Mrs Kim Heasley - TA and MSA

Mrs Shirley Howell - TA and MSA

Mrs Anne Naisbitt - TA and MSA

Mrs Harriet Parry - TA, MSA and LIbrary

Mrs Debbie Pearce - TA and MSA

Miss Emily Pike - TA and MSA

Mrs Elena Robertson - TA and MSA

Miss Jannima Sikandari - TA and MSA

Mrs Lucy Simpson - TA and MSA

Miss Rosa Wattley - TA and MSA

Office Staff

Mrs Pat Hague

Mrs Jo Moane
Mrs Jane Claxton - School Business Manager
Mrs Catherine Breen - Admin



Mrs Harriet Parry


IT Technician

Mr Jordan Clarke


Site Manager

Mr John Allbone


Peripatetic Music Teachers (Hertfordshire Music Service)

Mr Robert Corden - Flute and Clarinet

Mr Adam Buckle - Guitar

Mrs Susan Greengrass - Violin
Mrs Jenny Limes - Cello

Mr Ben Storey - Trumpet and Cornet
Mrs Gloria Pevy - Piano and Recorders


Hertfordshire Catering Team (Hertfordshire Catering Ltd)

Cook Manager
General Assistant