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Year 4

vendredi le vingt six avril


This week the children have been learning how to say members of their family in preparation for their new module "Bon appetit". We discussed the importance of using this phrase if you ever see a French person eating. Perhaps some of them will say it next time you all sit down to eat!

We have also been decorating our birthday candles so that we can display them in the classroom on the correct birthday cake, depending which month they were born. Please ask your child to tell  you their birthday in French.

Au revoir tout le monde, et bon weekend!

vendredi le trois mai


This week we have been learning six verbs to describe things we do in our free time. This ties in with the Bon Appetit module that we started last week. Can your child remember how to say these activities? Faire une excursion = to go on a trip, faire la cuisine = to do the cooking, faire de la natation = to go swimming, jouer au football, jouer au golf, regarder la television.


A la semaine prochaine tout le monde. Bon weekend!

vendredi le dix mai


Today we read the story, "Bon Appetit". The children did a wonderful job helping me to translate each page. Can your child remember what happened and why la grande-mère started off sad but ended up happy? Children should be able to tell you the words for each family member plus some verbs describing activities you can do in your free time. We also had a chance to go outside and add our thumb prints to the new school mural that has been designed by many of the children and painted by one of our mums, Mrs Montet. If you get a chance, please go down to the bottom playground and have a look!

A vendredi tout le monde et bon weekend!

vendredi le dix-sept mai


This week it was heads down as the children wrote a diary using a list of 13 different activities stemming from our module. We also discussed the function of two common French verbs, faire and jouer. Can your child remember some of the sentences they wrote in their diary? Most children were also able to lengthen their sentences using connectives such as et/aussi/encore/avec. I was really impressed by their writing today. Fantastique les enfants!

A vendredi et bon weekend!

vendredi le sept juin


Today we had a revision session to prepare for our end of module assessment. Can your child remember 5 activities you can do in your free time or name all the members of their family? We learned a new poem, completed a quiz and played the memory game. That was a definite favourite!

Bon weekend tout le monde. A vendredi!

vendredi le quatorze juin


This week we channelled our inner artists and worked on something topical - The women's world cup. As the tournament is being held in France I thought it only fitting that we make a poster advertising the great event. Can your child tell you how to say football match, stadium, team or women's world cup? We have some very talented artist in this year group.

Bon weekend les enfants. A vendredi!

vendredi le vingt et un juin,


Today we began our last module of year 4 - ~"Autour du monde". In preparation for our story about a family who win a holiday abroad but all have different ideas about where to go - we learned 6 modes of transport. Can your child remember all 6? There is one rather unconventional one which the children always seem to like the most.

C'est tout!

A vendredi

vendredi le vingt huit juin


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