Thank you for all your support on our Up On Downs charity day. We raised an incredible £595.30 through the cake sale and Super hero donations.
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Bernards Heath Junior School

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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Welcome to Year 4.  The teachers are Mrs Astley, Mr Reynolds and Mr Hynds.

Find letters and homework that are relevant to all classes on the General Page.  Information relevant to individual classes and maths homework can be found under the teacher's class.

Everyone in Year 4 would like to say a massive thank you for your help with our Up on Downs charity day. Our cake sale raised an impressive £319.17 thank you for all your contributions!
Please note there was no maths homework set this week to allow the children to learn their lines for the play. We ask that all children be off script by Monday 25th March.

Year 4 Production.

If your child has come home with a script and lines to learn please help them to memorise their lines and when they should be speaking.

Thank you.

1. Back to the Beginning

2. Rock Bottom Rocks

3. Rock Bottom Rocks (Part 2)

4. Smile

5. Welcome to My Life

6. Krakatoe-Or-Two

7. Down Low

8. Rock Bottom Rocks (Part 3)

9. Welcome to My Life (Reprise)

10. Start All Over Again

11. Spell On You

12. Back To The Beginning (Reprise)

13. Rock Bottom Rocks (Reprise)