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Year 5

jeudi le vingt cinq avril


This week we had to complete our assessment of module 3 -  "Le lièvre et la tortue." The children are well versed in sitting their end of module French tests and I actually heard one of them say "I like doing French tests!"

5H were one lesson behind as we had a special football session before the holidays so we caught up by finishing the story and discussing the content. The children have all done brilliantly by helping me translate each page from English into French. Bon travail year 5!!

Au revoir tout le monde et bon weekend!

jeudi le deux mai


This week was more of an administrative week as we needed to correct our end of module assessment and gather our scores. Fortunately we had a bit of time at the end to watch some BBC bitesize videos in French so we watched a firm favourite - Farley Spud and Soda go to school in France. The BBC website is great way to hear French words and learn about the culture of French speaking countries.

A la semaine prochaine tout le monde. Bon weekend!

jeudi le neuf mai


This week we started our new module "La montre magique". Can your child tell you what it means? We learned 6 fruits - la pomme / la pêche / la poire / l'ananas / les cerises / les raisins. Can your child tell you what they all are? Sadly I missed 5B this week as they were on a very exciting day trip out but hopefully we can catch up next week.

A jeudi tout le monde!

jeudi le seize mai


This week we had our second lesson on "La montre magique". We revised the fruit we had learned last week by playing "guess the fruit" with our white boards. Your children are very good at drawing pineapples! Not easy. We learned 6 new words relating to art - la lumière, l'ombre, le peintre, faire de la peinture, la nature morte. Can your child tell you what they mean?

A jeudi tout le monde.

jeudi le six juin


We read the story linked to our module "The magic watch." The children did a wonderful job of helping me translate each page into English. Can they tell you what happened in the story, who the characters were and what some of the key words were? They should be able to name you 6 fruits and the name of the French painter we have been learning about.

Bon weekend tout le monde!