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Year 6

mardi le vingt trois avril


This week we have been learning how to go shopping. We looked at how to understand the shopkeeper, how to ask for things and pricing. Perhaps you can write down some simple prices (in euros) and ask your child to say how much it is in French?

Au revoir et bon weekend!

mardi le trente avril


This week I had the pleasure of working with Mrs Erlandson, our music teacher, as we introduced year 6 to the theme of their Summer concert. Without giving too much away, the theme is "around the world" and so I was able to use my French and Spanish knowledge to help children work through the pronunciation of the lyrics to some of the songs. You are in for a treat!

A la semaine prochaine et bon weekend!

mardi le vingt et un mai


Having worked very hard the week before doing their SATS, I thought year 6 may enjoy watching another episode of "French Extra". This is a sitcom, loosely based on the American series "Friends" but is designed for language learners. There is also a Spanish version if that interests anyone. Feel free to google it as it is free and does not require subscription. I am sure many parents will be able to follow the storyline. Can your child tell you what has been happening in the first couple of episodes?

Bonnes vacances les enfants!

mardi le sept mai


This week the children worked very hard to complete an alphabet sheet. They had to use their memories to write one word for every letter of the alphabet, in French. When they had exhausted all the words in their memory they were then allowed to look in their folders and lastly, once they had tried as hard as they could to fill in all the letters, they were permitted to use a dictionary. Nearly all of the children were able to complete all but 3 letters using their own work. Can your child remember some of the words from their alphabet sheet?

Au revoir. A mardi!

mardi le quatorze mai


No French this week due to SATS. Bonne chance year 6!

mardi le vingt et un mai


I thought that, with only a few weeks to go I would give the children a taster of some Spanish! They all loved learning today's words. Can they remember how to say hello and respond to how are you?