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Addition and Subtraction playing card games

Addition and Subtraction using a pack of playing cards.


Use a pack of cards to generate some addition questions.


Select the cards 1 – 9 and the Kings and Queens only. Kings and Queens = 0.

Turn over 4 cards to make a 4 digit number and write it down.

Turn over another 4 cards to make a second 4 digit number. Write this under the first number and add together.


If doing subtraction make sure the largest number goes on top.



EXT: Use 5 or 6 cards at a time.



EXT: All the black cards are whole numbers and the red cards are decimal numbers. Arrange the cards accordingly.


a BLACK 2 and 4 = 24 a RED 3 and 5 = .35 The number is 24.35.

a BLACK  6 and RED King , 8 and 9 = 6.089