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ARCHIVE 3O 2017 - 2018

Bekonscot Model Village


The children had a lovely time at sunny Beckonscot Model Village!  As they explored the village, they looked for clues to help them complete a quiz, and even managed to spot The Famous Five in Enid Blyton's garden!




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Investigating circuits in our 'electricity' topic in Science this term!

Class Treat 20.04.18 - well done to 3O for earning another class treat! They enjoyed a well-deserved afternoon in the sunshine!

Short PE 19.04.18 - this term, the children are learning about different dances through the decades. This week, they showed off some impressive moves from the Charleston!


Art and Religion Week - reminders


As you know, our Arts Week falls between 12th - 16th March and our theme is Art and Religion.

Wednesday 14.03.18 - Exhibition of celebrations and traditions

Children are invited to think about their favourite celebrations and traditions they enjoy at home. These could include special meals, objects and rituals and can be religious or non-religious. We are having an exhibition of photographs and objects that represent these celebrations and traditions on Wednesday 14th March which parents are invited to look at after school. There will be card provided for the children to write a short paragraph about their object or photograph. Items the children have mentioned they are bringing in so far include Bulgarian Martenitsas (red and white thread dolls), Jewish kippahs (hats) and prayer mats.

Parents are invited to contribute food that reflects their culture or religion so the children can sample it as they go round the exhibition. We have a Simnel cake, bagels, hot cross buns and Indian snacks being contributed already. If your child has allergies they will be asked not to sample the food. If you would like to provide them with a suitable snack to eat after the exhibition then that would be fine. If you would like to contribute something please could you also provide an explanation of what it is and its significance to your culture or religion.

Wednesday 14.03.18 - opportunity to share tradition dress

The children are asked to arrive in their school uniform on the Wednesday but are invited to bring traditional, cultural, national or religious dress to wear to the exhibition. This traditional dress could include Eid or Communion outfits.

Mendhi Henna Patterns

We have a team of helpers who are going to decorate the palms of the children’s hands with Mehndi patterns with Henna. We are using natural Henna that is safe for the children’s skin. The pattern stays on the skin for up to two weeks. If there is any child who cannot take part in this activity please remember to let your class teacher know in writing.

General Reminders

  • During Arts Week please make sure your child has an art shirt in school to protect their clothes.
  • If you can operate a sewing machine or iron, Y4 would love your help. We are joining batik squares together to make a group Jewish tallit (a fringed garment). We need volunteers to iron off the wax and then attach the squares together.
  • If any parents would like to contribute food or explain about their culture or religion at the exhibition then please email on:
  • Our week ends with the Art Week assembly at 2.15pm . Parents are welcome to attend.
  • Thank you for all the voluntary contributions that have already come in to school. If you have not sent £3 in yet it would be greatly appreciated as the cost is quite considerable.

Many thanks in advance for supporting our Art Week.


World Book Day 01.03.18

3O were transported to France today for World Book Day! They completed a piece of artwork based on the Paris skyline, enjoyed some French pastries and even managed to find all of the 'Wallys' hidden around the classroom!

Making weather-themed photo frames in D & T

In Science, we have been investigating which surfaces have the most friction:

Lockdown Drill 23.01.18



Today we had our first Lockdown Drill.  Mrs Kilpatrick and I were so impressed with how sensible the children were during this drill.  They listened carefully and followed instructions exactly.


Please talk to your children about the importance of safety drills (fire and lockdown).

Well done 3O! smiley

Class Treat

3O have earned their first class treat this term!  On Friday 1st December, they will enjoy an afternoon of movies and playing games in the classroom.  The children are welcome to bring in pyjamas, onesies or any other clothes that they wish to change into after lunch for this, or they can stay in what they are wearing for that day if they prefer (which coincides with non-uniform day anyway).  They are also welcome to bring in a toy/game from home if they wish to, but please ensure that it is nothing of value which could get lost or damaged.


The children have been learning some new counter-balances in gymnastics.

They tried out one called the ‘bunk bed’ balance as a whole class!

Experiencing Bronze Age artefacts

As part of our Bronze Age day, the children got to hold Bronze Age artefacts. 


They learned about weaponry, hunting, how bronze is made as well as how people in the Bronze Age respected and honoured the dead.  People were often buried with important objects; such as swords, stones, amber or clothing.

They also learned about how different food was in The Bronze Age - no sugar, chocolate, potatoes or tomatoes!  They saw (and smelt!) a 10 year old piece of fish that had been preserved with salt, and looked at pots made from clay and wood.


They were shown the different types of materials that clothes would have been made from, including some animal skins!

Making Bronze Age pinch pots

As part of our Bronze Age day, the children made clay pinch pots.  They rolled the clay into a ball, pushed their thumb in to make a well and began pinching the sides to create a pot.  We then decorated them using wooden tools, stones, shells, sticks and seeds to make interesting patterns.


It was definitely more difficult than it looks! 


The pots will dry out over half term and the children can bring them home the week after.

Self Portraits

During our Art lessons this term, we have been learning about the work of four different artists - Picasso, Van Gogh, Lichtenstein and Warhol.  


We have started to create our own self portraits, and will complete a quarter in the style of each artist.


We look forward to sharing our finished pieces of work with you next half term!

Time travel to a Victorian Classroom

3O Autumn Timetable