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'Knowing Every Child'


Please keep up with your daily reading to an adult and learning your spellings. We hope you are enjoying listening to/reading How to Train Your Dragon. If you have completed that one then try listening to another book from audible books. 

Week 2 Letter Writing

Please learn your address first of all. When you have done that please plan a letter on the planning sheet to a loved one who you are unable to see at the moment. Remember TipTop for starting new paragraphs-Time Place Topic Person. In your letter you will probably need to start a new paragraph when you start a new topic. When you have planned what you are going to write then write your first draft. Before writing up in neat check for sense, spelling, punctuation etc. Don't forget handwriting is also important as it is for someone you care about. There are Steps to Success for layout to help you set it out correctly. Now write your envelope with their address. If you can't post it then ask if you can ring up the loved one and read it out to them. Enclose a carefully drawn picture too. Hopefully you will get a reply in the post!

Week 1 Instructional Text

How to Train Your Dragon

We were reading this book to the class... you may like to continue and read a hard copy, or right now you can hear it on You Tube.  We will be asking your children to write an adventure story about dragons, in the setting of the book, so reading it now and over the Easter period, would be beneficial. 

Cressida Cowell How To Train Your Dragon 2004 audiobook