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Fiction Writing Task

Lesson 2

The Lighthouse


Over the next two weeks, we are going to write a story based on this film. You do not have to invent your own story. You will be writing the story that you see on the film but it will need to be very descriptive and full of tension.


Watch the short film clip three or four times, pausing to look carefully at what is going on. Make notes as you watch.






Lighthouse Video Clip.mp4

Still image for this video

This week, we would like you to write the opening of the story.  In a story opening, we must set the scene and introduce the main character giving just a hint of what the problem might be.


When writing, consider including the following:

  • Describe the position of the lighthouse – a lonely promontory (headland).
  • Explain it is late at night and the beam from the lighthouse sweeps over the small town and the sea.
  • The lights in the town are bright and people are laughing and singing in the pub.
  • Describe the lighthouse keeper. What type of man is he? Does he look happy or curmudgeonly? (Bad tempered). What is he doing? What does his home look like? How is his room lit? Why does he slam the window shut? What does he hear? Why does he do that?

Remember you are writing a story and need to build the tension so that the reader knows something is going to happen but does not know what.


Editing your work.

Once you have written your opening, you must go back and check it for spellings, punctuation and grammar. Read it aloud. Does it make sense? Can you improve any words or phrases? Have you started your sentences in different ways? Have you used paragraphs when you have moved the story on? Take your time and rewrite it if necessary.