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w/b 25/02/19- Multiplication, Pictograms and Scaled Bar Charts

w/b 04/03/19- Pictograms and Scaled Bar Charts, Multiplication and Division Worded Problems

w/b 11/03/19- Fractions 

w/b 18/03/19- Fractions

w/b 25/03/19- Fractions

w/b 01/04/19- Fractions

w/b 23/04/19-Fractions

w/b 30/04/19-Fractions and multiplying and dividing numbers by 10

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Spring Newsletter

STEM House Challenge Day - Friday 16th November

As part of our STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) challenge day, the children will be taking part in various activities.  We require your help in collecting resources for these activities, and thank you in advance for this.


If you have any of the following, please send them in with your child to the class teacher.

- kitchen roll tubes

- toilet roll tubes

- washed lids from 2L bottles

- empty and washed out 2L bottles

- empty and washed out 1L bottles

- lots of pennies (which will be donated to charity when we have finished our challenge day)


We will update this blog post when we have collected enough for the activities to take place.


Thank you again,

Year 3 teachers



Home Learning Days


Children and Parents,


We have made the decision that we will, from 10.10.18, be checking HOME LEARNING and READING RECORDS on a Wednesday. SPELLING BOOKS will still be due in on Thursdays.


We have made this change as it was becoming unmanageable to mark all 90 reading records and home learning on Thursday, due to staffing timetables.


We know this change may cause slight confusion and we will, of course, understand if a few books are late in next week. We hope that this does not cause too much inconvenience to you all, and we thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact your class teacher.


Thanks again,

Year 3 Teachers.


Blue Home Learning Books - Wednesdays

Reading Record - Wednesdays (but should be in school everyday)

Blue Spelling Books - Thursdays

There have been some slight changes to our timetables this term.


We hope you find these updated versions useful.