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Art and Design

Please find a link to ADART. These are cartooning tutorials by Jamie's Dad. Learn how to draw Joe Wicks in this post!



The Natural History Museum virtual tour


Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History virtual tour



  • Research and produce a poster about the adaptations of plants and animals in the rainforest.
  • Plant a seed, draw and observe changes over time.
  • Cooking and baking at home to observe changing states of matter, and to accurately measure ingredients. 

Mayan Topic

To help you to complete some of the Mayan work we have added a few suggestions below


  1. Use the power point to find out the information to answer the questions from number 1 writing them out in rough.
  2. Then take some paper and you could either make a colourful poster with all the information on, with a lovely heading  'Ancient Mayans'   (that would be my preference)  or you could make a booklet with a title page and a page for each bit of information.


          For 2  you will need to do a bit more investigation to find out about the gods.  Then do the same as above creating a poster or booklet.  


For 3, use the power point about the Mayans as it has information about the number system and also the writing.


For 4, again you can use the power point or do some more investigations.  Then if you have bits and pieces at home make your own mask.


Anything you finish you could take a photo and email it.

Mayan Topic - see word document for details