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We are going to be learning all about the Ancient Greeks this term.  This is such a fascinating topic - we hope you enjoy discovering all about them ........ you might want to think about how they compare to the Ancient Egyptians we looked at in the Autumn term.


The Ancient Greeks


More than 2,500 years ago, the Greeks developed one of the most advanced civilisations of the ancient world.  They invented politics, philosophy, theatre, athletics and even introduced the alphabet to Europe.  Their writings are so well-preserved that we still read books like The Iliad today. 

w/c 8th June 2020 & w/c 15th June 2020 - Lesson 7 & 8

Presentation on the Ancient Greeks


Over the past few weeks we have learned so much about the Ancient they lived, the gods they worshipped, myths and the influence they have had on our modern day lives.  We hope you have found it as fascinating as we have!


Your task for the next 2 weeks is to prepare a short presentation on the Ancient Greeks.  You can choose a certain aspect of the Ancient Greeks that really interests you like the clothing they wore, everyday life,'s up to you.  You might want to prepare some slides on Powerpoint or you may want to draw a picture or make a model and show it as part of your talk.


If we were all in school we would have seen you all present as we have done in the past.  So we thought it would be great if you can do one or both of the following:

  • present to an adult or people at home and get them to give you some feedback
  • if you are able to get someone to film you doing your presentation and want to send it in to us, we'd love to see it.


This presentation needs to be short - 5 minutes or so, that's all.  When you present think about looking out to your audience, keep your voice animated and show interest in what you are talking about. Tell your audience why you chose this topic. Think afterwards about what went well and what you might do differently if you were to do it again.

w/c 01.06.20 Lesson 6 - Olympics

Lesson 6 - Ancient v Modern Olympics


Have a look at the file telling you all about the Olympics in Ancient Greek times and how it compares to the modern day Olympic games.  You might like to look on the internet to see if there are any other fascinating facts you can find out.  We would like you to make a poster about the Olympic Games.  You might like to concentrate on the Ancient Greek Olympics or do a comparison with modern times.  It's up to you!

w/c 18.5.20 Lesson 5 - Greek gods and goddesses

Lesson 5 - Greek gods and goddesses


It's time to learn all about Greek gods and goddesses! Have a look through the slides to find out all about the gods and goddesses worshipped by the Ancient Greeks.  Why was the Parthenon built? How many gods were there and what did they do?

Your task this week is to make a fact file for 3 (or more) Greek gods/goddesses.  If you can print off at home there is a sheet you can cut pictures of gods out from or you could draw a picture if you prefer.

Don't forget to send us a photo of what you have done - we'd love to see all the fascinating facts you've uncovered!

w/c 11.5.20 Lesson 4 - The Battle of Marathon

Lesson 4 - The Battle of Marathon


After Mrs Hall's amazing marathon run around our school raising money for such a worthy cause, we felt it only fitting to move on to learning all about the Battle of Marathon and understand where the tradition of marathon running comes from.  There are lots of slides to read about all the events that happened.  The Greeks used amazing tactics to defend themselves from the Persian attack. You will also discover where a very famous sports brand gets its name from. You have been asked to choose a part of the story to write about and/or draw a picture, you might even try creating a comic strip about the story.

Lesson 3 - Ancient Greek Armies

Lesson 3 - Ancient Greek Armies


Have a look at the attached slides and you will find out all about Ancient Greek soldiers (hoplites) and what made the Ancient Greeks so successful at warfare.

The task this week is to design a Greek shield or to draw a hoplite and label his armour and weapons.

Lesson 2 - Timeline and general information

Lesson 2 - Timeline and General Information


So our journey continues...... (using the attached document 'Lesson 2..') we will start off looking at Ancient Greece on the map thinking about how it compares to how it is now (which we did in lesson one).  We will then take a look at timelines - when did the Ancient Greeks walk on this earth and how does that compare to other time periods we might know about? What else was going on at the time?  There is an activity to then make a time line for key events that took place in Ancient Greek times.

This week there are a couple of Purple Mash activities to do with the Ancient Greeks to help find out about their ways of life if you want to give them a try.



Lesson 1 - Finding out about Greece Today

Lesson 1 - Finding out about Greece today.


We would like you to find out about Greece as it is today.

You can use the attached document to take you step by step through different aspects we would like you to find out about.


Where is Greece?

What countries is it near to?

What seas surround it?

What is the country like - the terrain, the weather..?

What is the capital city called?  Where is it on the map?


Write a fact file to summarise the key information you find out.

Ancient Greeks - reading suggestions


If you are interested in this topic and want to read a book relating to this period of history, here are a few suggestions ......


  • Who Let The Gods Out?   
  • Percy Jackson series       
  • Usborne A Visitors Guide to Ancient Greece
  • The Orchard Book of Greek Myths
  • Fleeced!