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Home Learning Days


Children and Parents,


We have made the decision that we will, from 10.10.18, be checking HOME LEARNING and READING RECORDS on a Wednesday. SPELLING BOOKS will still be due in on Thursdays.


We have made this change as it was becoming unmanageable to mark all 90 reading records and home learning on Thursday, due to staffing timetables.


We know this change may cause slight confusion and we will, of course, understand if a few books are late in next week. We hope that this does not cause too much inconvenience to you all, and we thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact your class teacher.


Thanks again,

Year 3 Teachers.


Blue Home Learning Books - Wednesdays

Reading Record - Wednesdays (but should be in school everyday)

Blue Spelling Books - Thursdays

Summer Term 2nd Half

Week one - done!


Well done and thank you to all the children (and parents!) for handing in Home Learning for the first time this week.  We had nearly 100% handed in across the year group, which is pretty good for week one! no


We were expecting some teething issues as this is the first year we have set Home Learning in this way.  We have added this little note in some books to explain where we would like things to be recorded. 



Please complete all 4 tasks in this big blue book, starting from the front.

We will collect in Home Learning on a Thursday and check for evidence that the four tasks (maths, tables, spelling and reading) have been completed.

Please do not write in the spelling book as these are used in school for tests.


We know this sounds like we're being fussy but, as you can imagine, marking 90 lots of reading, maths, spelling and tables practice is a time consuming job!  It is made much quicker if all four activities are recorded together at the front of the big blue book.


Thanks again!

Y3 Teachers smiley

Please use the images below to find information and support for Home Learning.


We have provide copies of the Home Learning activities should your copies be 'misplaced'!


Please note:  these are TERMLY lists.