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Interpreting Graphs

Statistics Assessment - Interpreting Graphs


Part 1:  Mini Assessment


Complete this mini assessment to see how confident you are with tables and line graphs:

Part 2:  Spot the mistake


Use this PowerPoint to spot the mistakes that have been made on the line graphs



Part 3:  Handling data


Complete these review questions where data is represented in different types of chart:

(The mode or modal number is the number that appears most often.)


Challenge Task


Have you ever seen a pie chart before?


Think about a typical day in ‘lockdown’. Can you map out your day using this pie chart that has been split into 24 sections for the 24 hours of the day?


Each sector/ section represents 1 hour. Colour code your activities and create a key to show what they represent. Possible activity options might include sleeping, school work, exercising, gardening, art, eating, reading, online chats, TV, online games, chores etc.


Can you 3 make statements from your pie chart in the form of fractions or even percentages?


For example...

-  10/24 of my day I spend sleeping.

- 1/8 of my day is spent doing distance learning.

- 20% of my day is spent watching a screen.