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Lesson One - World Rivers 04.05.20

World Rivers


LO: to locate and name some major world rivers.


For this task, it will be helpful for you to recap where the 7 continents of the world are.  To revise these either...

Listen to this song (

and / or

Complete the Purple Mash activities ( )




Now you remember where all the continents are and what they look like, it is time to learn where some of the major rivers are in the world.


Watch this video clip:


If you have an atlas at home, you may wish to look at that to help you locate the rivers.

If you don’t have an atlas, or need some extra help, use this quiz game to help you find some of the World Rivers:

*You may notice that in the song, the longest river is stated as being the Nile but on the quiz, the Amazon is said to be the longest! Confusing eh?

This is because there is an ongoing debate between Science and Geography experts about which river should be named the longest river in the world - as you get different results depending how you measure it and what you consider to be the source of the river. At this time, the Nile is generally accepted as being the longest in the world but the investigation will continue.


Main Activity

Complete the World Rivers labelling sheet.

Label the rivers using the options on the bottom of the sheet.





Once it is correctly labelled:

  • Colour the continents in different colours.
  • Add a key for the continents.
  • Colour the seas and oceans blue.
  • Label the main oceans.

This map may help:

Make an information poster/ fact sheet about one of the World Rivers you are interested in.


As a starting point, this PowerPoint may help: