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Lesson Two - UK Rivers 11.05.20

UK Rivers


Last time, you looked at locating some of the World’s major rivers.  This week, we would like you to zoom in and learn about the major rivers of the British Isles.



Ever wondered what the difference is between Great Britain, the United Kingdom and the British Isles?

This video will remind you of the locations of all the countries that make up the British Isles and explain the differences between what we call Great Britain, the United Kingdom and the British Isles.


Now you have recapped on the location of the different parts of the British Isles, this next clip gives a whistle stop tour of some of the locations of UK rivers:



Main Activity
Your task is to match the numbered rivers at the bottom of the worksheet to their positions on the map of the British Isles.



If you have an atlas, that should help you to complete this task.

If not, go on to the Google maps link below. Use the search bar to type in the river you are looking for e.g. ‘River Severn’. Then use the zoom in function in the bottom right hand corner to see what the river looks like in more detail, and zoom out to see its position on the UK map. Then you should be able to match what you see to the worksheet map. You may find it interesting to view the map in ‘satellite’ view as it you can see the natural features of the landscape.,-0.3244032,14z


Challenge: Online Quiz

Now you are getting an idea of the names and locations of some of the larger UK rivers, you could test your knowledge with this online quiz:



Choose one of the UK rivers you have located to research in more detail. You may wish to choose a river that you have visited on holidays or family visits. You could use the sheet below to record what you find or you could get creative and present it your own way.