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Mrs Astley 4A

4A's CLASS BLOG smiley

Welcome to 4A's class page.  Here you will find general information about the class activities and weekly maths homework for Mrs Astley's group. We also hope you enjoy looking at some of the children's work as they complete it over the year.  

English Homework  (Spellings)

As the timetable has changed for this half of the term the day we test spellings for 4A  and 4H has changed from Thursday to Wednesday.  The children will be given new spellings every Wednesday so they will still have a week to learn them.  The spelling investigation will still take place on a Friday.


In D and T the children have designed and made their own felt bags. Using their sewing skills to make them.

Greek Vases

The children have been learning about Greek Vases and the patterns they used to decorate them.  Here are some they designed to go on their front covers.


This term the children have been taking gymnastic lessons.  Here are a few pictures of their balances this week.

Musical Instruments

The children have been learning about sound in their science lessons and in D and T.  They designed their own instruments from scrap material and today spent a lovely time making them. Here are a few pictures.

Art:  Canopic Jars

This term the children have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians, including all about Canopic Jars.  In Art they designed and made their own Canopic Jar out of clay.  Here are some pictures of them.

Science: The Digestive System

This term the children have been learning about the digestive system.  In groups they made their own life size model of the digestive system.

Egyptian Tomb Paintings

The children have been creating their own amazing Egyptian Tomb paintings showing themselves and something they would like to take to the After Life.