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Bernards Heath Junior School

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Mrs Astley & Mrs Simpson 4AS

4AS's CLASS BLOG smiley

Welcome to 4AS's class page.  Here you will find general information about the class activities and weekly maths homework for Mrs Astley's group. We also hope you enjoy looking at some of the children's work as they complete it over the year.  

English Homework  (Spellings)

Spellings will be sent home every Thursday and tested the following Thursday. Please help your child/children learn their spellings.  A spelling investigation lesson linked to the spellings being tested will be taught every Friday

Canopic Jars

The children have been learning about Canopic Jars in History and English. In Art they designed and made their own.  Here are some examples.

Science: Digestive System

This term the children have been learning about the digestive system.  Using what they have learnt they created their own models of our digestive system.

Egyptian Tomb Paintings

The children have been learning about Egyptian tomb paintings, the different styles and features.  They have had a go at creating their own tomb painting.