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Nature Journal

Create a Nature Journal


This activity involves observing and recording the nature around you. This is such an exciting time of year with so much activity in the plant and animal world. You will need to take time to really look carefully and notice the nature around you.


This activity is taken from this site

Take a look on the website for more information, a handout if you need it and photographs of lovely examples.

The video about Austin’s butterfly is well worth watching (and will also help you remember the importance of editing in your writing too!)


Try to go through this process:


If you are inspired by something you see but can’t draw it when you see it, you could try to print out a photograph of it to copy or find an online art tutorial for that animal or plant. Remember e-safety if you are searching online.

Here are a couple of examples you could use to get started:

How to draw a blue tit


How to draw a daisy


How to draw a peacock butterfly


Good luck!