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Ongoing Research Project

Distance Learning Ongoing Project

Please complete this how you see fit.  This could be one a day, one a week or anything in between!


Create an A-Z Factbook.  Using a notebook, or pieces of paper you can bind together later, research a topic starting with every letter of the alphabet.  This does not need to be done in alphabetical order, and you can chose anything you like to research.  You may choose to research 26 random topics, or may want to pick an overall theme, e.g. space, history, countries, famous people, the human body, science, geography, etc.


For example:

Random Topics

Famous people


A – Asteroids

B – Bananas, and Fairtrade production

C – Cleopatra

D – Denmark

E – English counties

F – Freddie Flintoff

G – Gorillas


A – Adele

B – Bill Gates

C – Charles Darwin

D – David Beckham

E – Emmeline Pankhurst

F – Frida Kahlo

G – Greta Thunberg


A – Anteater

B – Boa constrictor

C – Crocodile

D – Dog

E – Elephant

F – frog

G – Giraffe



You could present each letter topic in the same way, or vary each page.  Some pages could be like something you would find in an encyclopaedia, some could just be a piece of art, some could be interactive – with ‘lift-the-flap’ sections, some could be in bullet point form.  It’s up to you!  You could even do an illuminated letter for each section.


Think about what you have learnt about creating non-fiction pieces of work. 

  • Title
  • Subtitles
  • Pictures
  • Captions
  • ‘Did-You-Know?’ factboxes
  • Paragraphs


Think about your presentation; you could add borders, coloured boxes and page numbers etc.  You could even create a glossary, index and contents page!


We hope you enjoy spending this time researching things that interest you.