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Parents often ask how they can help with times tables.  Multiplication must be understood to be repetitive addition.

Times tables must be learnt and committed to memory.  Later comes the understanding that division (repeated subtraction) is the inverse of multiplication. 

More advanced concepts then expand on this understanding such as 3x9 related to 30x9 and 300x9.

As a school, we have developed a progressive learning strategy for times tables that focusses on tables that are related.  I.e. the 2s are doubling 1s, the 4s double the 2s, the 8s double the 4s etc.  Using our methods and progression through related tables we hope that our children not only learn their tables, but understand them and are able to think around them, thus becoming confident mathematicians.

Learn Tables Online
This website uses a similar method to the online Year 4 DfE Test (great for Year 3 and Year 4 children)