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VE Day 75th anniversary 

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On Friday 8th May it will be 75 years since the end of the war in Europe. On this day in 1945, millions of people came out onto the streets to celebrate peace and to mourn the loved ones they had lost. It was called 'VEday' or 'Victory in Europe' day. 

This year there were to be celebrations around the country on 8th-10th May, to commemorate 75 years since this momentous day. Due to the current situation, these have been cancelled but millions of people will be marking this safely in their homes. 


For your PSHE task this week, please read about VE day (resources are below) and then create a piece of work linked to it. You may choose which of these to do or you can come up with your own idea. You could:

Design VE Day bunting 

Make a World War II recipe (check what would have been available at the time due to rations)

Create a poster/poem about peace

Create a newspaper front cover about the day (There is a template on Purple Mash that you should be able to find in the to do section. We have never used Purple Mash in school but it is currently a free resource. There is no pressure to use this and the children may find it easier to write it on paper.)

Write a diary entry as if you were there on that day. 

Learn a dance from the 1940s eg. the Lindy Hop

Listen to and learn a song from the time


We'd love to see some of the work you create or hear about any ways you and your family are marking the day smiley


Two minutes silence

The Royal British Legion is calling on people across the UK to join in a moment of reflection and Remembrance at 11am on Friday 8th May, the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, and pause for a Two Minute Silence. (