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Week beginning 29th June 2020


Hello everyone,

Firstly, I am so looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible next week when you come to school for your 'goodbye' meetings with your teachers and hope you are too.

This week in RE, I would like you to enjoy creating a Hindu mandala. read the powerpoint first so you have understood what they are and why they are used. When you have done that, follow the instructions to create your own.

Do send any final mandala photos to me so I can see your beautiful designs.

Have fun

Mrs Gilbert

Week beginning 15th June 2020


Welcome to another week, and what a sunny one we have in store! I hope you all managed to have lovely weekend, maybe you had a chance to see some of your extended family? All of your teachers are busy in school, but we very much enjoy hearing from you each week. I particularly loved seeing all of your wonderful work you completed about creation stories last week-thank you for sending it in.

This week we are staying on the theme of creation. I would like you to find a creation story that you find interesting. There are plenty on the internet (ask your parents permission first) or maybe you have a book at home. This does not have to be a religious story, one from any culture or country is absolutely fine. Once you have read or listened to your story, you can choose from the following activities:

  • write a creation rap (see the example below for a creation rap based on the Christian belief)
  • Write a poem
  • create a picture book that is beautifully illustrated
  • present your story in any way you choose if you have another exciting idea

Finally, if you do not have the chance to use the internet to search, I have included one story that you may like to use instead. All of the year groups have been set the same task this week, so if you have a brother or sister at the Juniors, you may wan to complete the activity together (no arguing!)

Have fun!

Mrs Gilbert

Creation story example

Week beginning 08/06/20


Hello Year 4,

What a busy week we had at school last week with the Year 6 being back. I hope those of you that had brothers or sisters in school didn't miss them too much!

This week I would like you to find out about the Hindu creation story. Read the information underneath and then you can either:

  • complete the Hindu wordsearch
  • make an animation on the computer retelling the story 
  • use lego/box modelling/playdough to recreate the story or part of it

Have fun and do send me any work you complete.

Mrs Gilbert

Hello Year 4,

I do hope you enjoyed the half term holidays with your families and managed to have a break from your home learning. Have you watched the videos from your teachers? We were all a little nervous about making them!

This week I would like you to complete the work based on a story that we have already discussed in class this year. See if you can remember it as you watch the videos. There are plenty of activities to complete, but do not worry if you cannot print out the sheets, you can complete them on any piece of paper you have to hand.

Have fun!

Mrs Gilbert

Festival of Vaisakhi

Hello Year 4, 


I hope you have had a good week and have had lots of fun. It has been another busy week for us. We celebrated Henry's birthday with lots of games and activities at home this weekend. It was very different having a 'lockdown' birthday but I think he had a great time.


The weather is going to get even better this week so I hope you can get outside at points with your family to enjoy it. I am in school this week, looking after the children of Key Workers. It is always lovely to see them and the staff in our group but the school seems very empty without you all.


Last week, I set you some work based on the celebration of the Hindu Goddess, Durga. This piece of work is for this week too as it will take two weeks to complete. There are two video links to watch that will help you with the activities. Please ask an adult to watch them with you so you can talk about what you have seen together.   


Remember, if you'd like to send me any work you've completed, you can via your Year 4 email address. Just make sure your email says they are for Mrs Gilbert to have a look at.


Have a great week!

Mrs Gilbert



Week Beg 11th May


Hello Year 4,

I hope you all had a lovely time in the beautiful weather we had last week. Henry, George and I spent much of it in our garden and the boys had plenty of fun making a Nerf gun target to play with. It was really easy to make, so I have included some photos to show you. Maybe you could ask a parent if you could have a go at making one of your own? You can see how we made it if you zoom in on the photos. 


This week, I have set you some work based on the celebration of the Hindu Goddess, Durga. There are two video links to watch that will help you with the activities. Please ask an adult to watch them with you so you can talk about what you have seen together.  This piece of home learning will take you two weeks, so please don't think you need to finish it all in one go!


Have fun and send me photos of your Nerf gun targets if you make one. Just make sure your email says they are for Mrs Gilbert to have a look at.


'See' you next week,

Mrs Gilbert

Hello Year 4,

I hope you and your families are all keeping well and you have managed to enjoy some of the lovely weather we have been having recently!

As we have been learning about places of worship in RE, I thought it might be nice to have a recap on the Sikh place of worship called the Gurdwara.

You can watch the video clip first and then have a go at matching up the pictures to the correct descriptions. Don't worry if you have not got a printer, you can either draw the pictures and write the labels, or just tell an adult which matches to which!

Have fun!

Mrs Gilbert