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Week Beg 11th May


Hello Year 6,

I hope you all had a lovely time in the beautiful weather we had last week. Henry, George and I spent much of it in our garden and the boys had plenty of fun making a Nerf gun target to play with. It was really easy to make, so I have included some photos to show you. Maybe you could ask a parent if you could have a go at making one of your own? You can see how we made it if you zoom in on the photos. 


This week, I have set you a piece of creative work. NATRE (a national association of RE) set a competition each year called 'Spirited arts'. All the details are in the link for you to follow. I know what FANTASTIC artists Year 6 are, and I would love it if you could send in your entries once you have completed them-there is a prize! Please, please send me photos of any work you create, to your Year 6 email and your teachers will pass them on to me. Just make sure you say they are for Mrs Gilbert.  This piece of home learning will take you two or three weeks, so please don't think you need to finish it all in one go!


Have fun and get creating!


'See' you next week,

Mrs Gilbert