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Week beginning 15th June 2020


Welcome to another week, and what a sunny one we have in store! I hope you all managed to have lovely weekend, maybe you had a chance to see some of your extended family? .

This week we are on the theme of creation. I would like you to find a creation story that you find interesting. There are plenty on the internet (ask your parents permission first) or maybe you have a book at home. This does not have to be a religious story, one from any culture or country is absolutely fine. Once you have read or listened to your story, you can choose from the following activities:

  • write a creation rap (see the example below for a creation rap based on the Christian belief)
  • Write a poem
  • create a picture book that is beautifully illustrated
  • present your story in any way you choose if you have another exciting idea

Finally, if you do not have the chance to use the internet to search, I have included one story that you may like to use instead. All of the year groups have been set the same task this week, so if you have a brother or sister at the Juniors, you may want to complete the activity together (no arguing!)

Have fun!

Mrs Gilbert

Creation story example