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Shadow Work

Shadow work


If you can, get outside to complete this.  If you can’t get outside, wait until the sun comes through a window!


Find an object in your home that would create an interesting shadow.  Place a piece of paper behind it and draw around the shadow.  Then choose from the following activities;


  • Move the object left or right, forwards or backwards.  Draw around the shadow again.  What do you notice?
  • Using the shadow create a piece of artwork.  It could be as realistic or as abstract as you like!
  • When you have drawn around it once, leave everything where it is.  Come back a while later.  Has the shadow moved or changed? Draw around it again. Repeat throughout the day.
  • Once you have drawn your shadow, complete the piece of work by adding a background to complete the scene.  You could even write a short poem or story about what you have created.