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The Hub

Hello Hub! 

I hope you are all well. We are all missing you lots and are looking forward to when we can come back to school. This section is for us to share any activities you might like to do at home until we are back in the Hub. You can do some, all or none of them, it is completely up to you! 

It has been lovely to hear from some of you via email and to hear all of the things you have been up to at home. You can still contact us via the Year 6 email address ( to keep in touch while the school is closed. It is like having an online 'Welcome Circlesmiley

If you have any suggestions for activities you think the other Hub members would like to do, let us know and we can share it on here. 

Keep smiling laugh


Miss Honeybell, Mrs Robertson and Miss Sikandari

This coping calendar may give you some ideas to help you feel good at this time

Art Start


Main Activity

 Here are some activities we thought you might like to do at home. We can share anything we have made over email or when we are back in the Hub smiley 

Mindfulness Activities 


Free Play

I hope you are doing lots and lots of this at home! I'm sure you have lots of ideas of games you'd like to play but I saw this '30 day Lego Challenge' and thought some of you might like to have a try at these. If you do not have Lego, you could design any of these on paper or with anything else you have at home like Playdoh or blocks. 

Don't forget to do lots of active play like dancing and exercise (indoors if you don't have a safe space to do so outside). 

The main aim of 'Free Play' is to have lots of fun laugh We'd love to hear what you choose to get up to!