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Reading timetables

Part 1:  Teaching


Video clips


Watch this video clip as a reminder of how to read a bus timetable:


If you feel like you want more practise before trying on your own, this one is for a train timetable:



Part 2: Activities


Read the timetables to answer the questions for these activities:

Challenge question:


This online exercise has three levels. Try level 2. Follow the instructions on the screen. It is a similar level to the ones you have done above. You can use the ‘check’ button at the bottom to see if you are correct.


For those of you feeling very confident and looking for a tough challenge, you can try Level 3 instead but beware, it is tricky!

Tip for Level 3: read the ‘Symbols Used’ key in the bottom left corner of the timetable before you start - there is essential information there.