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You have two options this week. We are going to be using White Rose Maths in school; however, the worksheets we will be using do not have any videos to help support the learning at home.


The worksheets below are focusing on the four operations and problem solving.


If you would prefer videos to supplement the home learning, there will be a link below where you can access different lessons to what we will be covering n school. However, whatever choice you make will be of benefit. These video lessons will be based on ratio and also come with worksheets and answers. 


There is no wrong or right answer, just whatever you feel would be easier to teach at home.



To find the ratio lessons, please click on the bar that says 'Week 1'. Please ignore the lessons with the date on (Summer Term - Week 6 w/c 1st June) as we may use these lessons in the future.


The week 1 lessons were created before the Easter break but were never set by us for home learning.