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Year 3

mercredi le vingt quatre avril


This week we started a new module "Joyeux anniversaire Aurélie". We will be reading a story about Aurelie's birthday. As one of her presents she receives a pencil case and so the children have learned to say 6 objects found in this. Please get you children to see how many words they can remember:un crayon/ un bâton de colle/ un stylo/ des ciseaux/ une règle/ une gomme/ une trousse.

Au revoir tout le monde et bon weekend!

mercredi le premier mai


This week we looked at the last six flashcards before starting our story. These were objects that are connected to Aurélie's birthday party. Can your child remember the six words we learned? un gateau = a cake, un cadeau = a present, un chien = a dog, un sac = a bag, une araignée = a spider, un livre = a book.

A la semaine prochaine tout le monde. bon weekend!

mercredi le huit mai,


This week we watched the cartoon all about Aurélie's birthday. The children did very well helping translate all the words on each page. Bon travail les enfants! Can they remember all the different presents she got for her birthday and tell you some of them in French? We also played Simon says "Jacques a dit.." Can your child show you the action for each of the objects in their pencil case?

Au revoir tout le monde. A mercredi!

mercredi le quinze mai


This week we listenend to a song that explained what happened in the cartoon that we read last week. Children had a song sheet with 12 words missing from the lyrics. They had to listen to the song in order to be able to fill in the gaps. Listening is the hardest skill to master when learning a new language so the children should be very proud of themselves having managed to recognise some, if not all of the missing words. Un bon effort les enfants!

A mercredi.


mercredi le vingt-deux mai


This week was assessment week. The children worked through a series of multiple choice questions to try to remember the words they had learned from our module. This is the fourth assessment they have completed this year and so they are very familiar with the format and how to answer the questions. Bon travail year 3!

Bonnes vacances les enfants!

mercredi le cinq juin


This week our learning carousel of Music, RE and French lacked Mrs Gilbert,, our lovely RE teacher as she has been with our year 6s in Norfolk. Mrs Erlandson and I therefore had the pleasure of gathering the whole of year 3 to practise their songs for the upcoming year 3 revue. You are in for a treat! Hopefully next week we will be back to our French learning.


Bon weekend tout le monde.

mercredi le dix neuf juin


This week we began a module called "Un village en France." This focuses on places in the town. Can your child remember some of the 6 new places they learned? - l'école / le café  / l'hôtel / le marché / l'épicerie / and my favourite French location, la boulangerie! I hid each flashcard and children had to guess which place name I was hiding. Their French accents are really improving. Bon travail year 3!!

A mercredi.

mercredi levingt six juin


Today we continued learning the remaining 6 places in the town and 2 weather phrases, before starting our story next week. These were - la rivière, l'église, le château, la poste, il fait chaud, il fait froid. Can your child rememeber what they all mean? Can they tell you the first 6 that we learned last week? Then they showed me how nicely they could spell all words by doing a spelling and wordsearch worksheet. I noticed some very good handwriting today. Bien fait year 3.

A mercredi et bon weekend!