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Year 3

Home learning w/c 13th July 2020

Bonjour tout le monde! Can you believe this is our final week of home learning. You have done so well.

This week is a very important week indeed for France, as they celebrate the most important day of the year tomorrow - Bastille Day or "Le quatorze juillet" (14th July) as they day in France. It is a bit like the 4th of July celebrations in the U.S. It marks the day lots of French people, who were very unhappy with their selfish King and Queen, stormed an ancient prison called La Bastille, in Paris and released lots of its prisoners who had been wrongly imprisoned. People in France at the time were starving and poor while King Louis 16th and Queen Marie Antoinette over taxed them and used the people's money on themselves, their palaces, clothes and other luxury items. The Queen on hearing how hungry the poor people were apparently said "Let them eat cake!" This made the people of France furious and so the French Revolution began. Today they celebrate this occasion by lighting up the Eiffel Tower in the French colours: red, white and blue. They have street parties, music, dancing, food and fireworks. If you google Eiffel Tower Bastille Day fireworks you can see how extravagant and beautiful the fireworks display is every year. I am including a clip from the cartoon Mr Peabody and Sherman that shows a bit of the French Revolution. At the start of the clip there is about 5 seconds of loud music and then the cartoon begins. I hope you enjoy it. If you would like to make a French flag and attach it to a straw/skewer/stick then you can wave it around tomorrow in celebration of le quatorze juillet.

Happy Bastille Day and Happy end of year also. Vive la révolution as they say in France and Vive Bernards Heath!!!!!!! (Long live the revolution and long live Bernards Heath!)


A septembre mes petits chouchoux xxxxxxxxxxxx

See you in September xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Home learning w/c 6th July 2020

Bonjour tout le monde! We are nearly there. You have done so well adjusting and adapting to our new way of living and learning.

Please can you spend some time using duolingo this week. Spend the first 15-20 minutes on French and then maybe have a go at a different language. The website is You do not need to create an account but you can if you wish, that way it can track your progress and avoids you having to start from the beginning each time you visit the website.

Home learning w/c 29th June 2020

Salut year 3! Can you believe this is week 15 of of home learning! I am so proud of you all for sticking with it and having a go. Hopefully come September we will all be together again enjoying French lessons with each other. I cannot wait to see all of your lovely faces and hear your voices. They make me so happy and it has been so strange not seeing you to say hello to or to hear all of your funny stories.

This week please can you watch a clip from BBC Bitesize and answer the questions below? The clip practises le, la and which words go with each one. Having watched the clip, please can you draw 2 columns, one titled le and one titled la and then write down all the words that appear in the video under the correct column.

Home learning w/c 22nd June 2020

Bonjour les enfants! Get ready for some serious soleil this week everyone :)

This week please can you make a numbers poster from 1-20? It has been a long time since we practised our counting. After you have a drawn your poster please read out your numbers aloud, to yourself but even better to someone at home. See if you can remember counting to 20 without looking at the words!

1 - un          11 - onze

2 - deux      12 - douze

3 - trois       13 - treize

4 - quatre    14 - quatorze

5 - cinq        15 - quinze

6 - six          16 - seize

7 - sept        17 - dix-sept

8 - huit         18 - dix-huit

9 - neuf        19 - dix-neuf

10 - dix        20 - vingt

Home learning w/c 15th June 2020

Salut tout le monde, le soleil est arrivé!! The sun is here!

This week please can you draw me a poster of your favourite things and label each picture in French? I will write down some ideas here but if you need to look up a new word then you can use this dictionary:, choose English to French and type the word in the search bar.

Useful words:

Les jeux vidéos = video games

le foot = football 

les chiens = dogs

le chocolat = chocolate

les bonbons = sweets

le vélo = bicycle

les poupées = dolls

les chats = cats

jouer dans le jardin = playing in the garden

jouer dans le parc = playing in the park

les chevaux = horses

la natation = swimming

faire la cuisine = cooking

regarder la télé = watching TV

Home learning w/c 8th June 2020

Bonjour yr 3! Où est le soleil? Where has the sun gone?

This week please can you watch a clip from BBC bitesize and answer the questions below. The clip practises how to introduce yourself and say where you live. Watch it a couple of times as it has been a while since you have listened to real French! 


What word do Ben and Lili use at the start to say hello to each other?

How do you ask how's it going/how are you?

What does Ben think is different?

Can you name of one of Lili's friends?

What question does Ulysse not understand?

Which city do the friends live in?

What does Ben ask them to do while they are giving him a tour?

How do you say thank you?

How do you say ice cream?



Home learning w/c 1st June 2020

Bienvenue tout le monde. Welcome "back".

This week please could you do the colours worksheets attached. In the spirit of thanking the NHS, there is a rainbow worksheet and then a colours word search. Most of the colours you should know but I will help you with jaune = yellow, vert = green.


I hope you have watched my video; it says I am missing you all VERY much xxx

Home learning w/c 18th May 2020

Salut tout le monde!

I hope you are all still healthy and happy and doing as much French learning as you can. I realise it is hard for the grown ups at home to be able to help you with your learning and do their own work also so don't worry if you can't do it every week. Even 10 minutes a week will help you remember some of the words we have been learning since September. You don't want to forget all those great words you worked so hard to remember!

This week we are going to revise parts of the body. You already know some of these and some are new. I have recorded how to say each one so just click on the speaker next to each word in the Powerpoint presentaion and copy how I say it. At the end there is a slide with all the words missing and you have to label the pictures correctly. If you cannot print the sheet maybe you can make up your poster with different body parts. You can use your favourite cartoon/movie characters, people in your family or even just stick men. Be creative. You could even video a call a friend and play the last game together where, under each numbered card, there is a picture and you have to say which word it is.

Have fun, stay safe and I will be in touch after half term.

Madame Jones xxxxxxxx

Home learning w/c 11th May 2020

Salut year 3!

What a wonderful warm and sunny week it has been. I hope you have been able to spend some time outside. I have done some gardening and lots of running. I helped Mrs Hall run a few laps of the field on Tuesday to keep her company. What a superb job she did raising money for Up on Downs. She ran 104 laps in total!


This week we are going to be practising instructions that you may hear me say in the classroom. They all share the same phonic: "ez". This is pronounced like the "e" in egg. If you have some spare paper or card I would like you to make 8 flashcards, writing the French instruction on one side and the English word on the back. If you are missing your friends perhaps you could ask your adult if you could video call one of them and test out your flashcards. You could say/show them the English word and they have to say/show you the correct French word and then you can swap. Here are the 8 instructions:


levez-vous - stand up

asseyez-vous - sit down

écoutez - listen

écrivez - write

lisez - read  

regardez - look

répétez - repeat

parlez - speak


Have fun and "see" you next week.

Missing you very much,

Madame Jones xx

Home learning w/c 4th May 2020

Salut tout le monde and "May the 4th be with you!"

This week please could you watch the following clip from BBC Bitesize and answer the following questions:

How many presents did she have at the start? ______________________
How do you say candle? _______________________________________
How do you say “a big shirt” ____________________________________
How do you say small trousers? __________________________________
How do you say jumper? ________________________________________
How do you say presents? _______________________________________
How do you say Happy birthday? ___________________________________
What are the girls and boy’s names? _______________________________

Have a wonderful week and don't forget to do some counting to 20, say the days of the week and try to name the objects in your pencil. Miss you all.

See you next week,

Madame Jones x

Home learning w/c 27th April 2020

Salut tout le monde!

Hope you have enjoyed the sunshine this week and that you and your families are all well and healthy. I took my daughters to go and see the beautiful bluebells today and it was nice to get some fresh air and stretch our legs.

This week I would like you to try a wordsearch. If you cannot print it out don't worry as you can either copy it out or just write down a list of the words that you find.

Keep safe and see you next week.

A lundi!

Home learning w/c 20th April

Bienvenue tout le monde! Welcome "back"!

Here are the answers to last lesson's word chain:

cinq (5) quatre (4) épaules (shoulders) sac (bag) cadeau (present) un (1) neuf (9) fleurs (flowers) sept (7) trois (3) Samedi (Saturday). Well done if you got all, or some, of them correct!


This week please can you have a go at this numbers worksheet. The instructions are on the sheet. If you cannot print the sheet, just write down the answers on a piece of paper or say the answers out loud to someone at home, then they can learn their numbers too!

Home learning w/c 30th March 2020

Bonjour tout le monde!


This week please can you make a word chain with these 11 words? Each word in the chain has to start with the last letter of the word before it. E.g. crayon - nez - zéro - oreilles.


Here are all 11 words: fleurs, épaules, cadeau, sac, sept, trois, un, quatre, samedi, cinq, neuf. The first word in the chain is cinq! Bonne chance (good luck)


Now can you remember what they all mean? Write the meaning for each word underneath the French word. Answers next week!


Here is the link to our catchy days of the week song:

Please annoy your parents by playing and singing along to it ;)! Also don't forget to count to 20 and do heads shoulders to someone at home.


Have a wonderful week at home. A lundi!


Home learning w/c 23rd March 2020

Salut year 3!

This week please can you draw and label these words that we have been learning:

une trousse - pencil case

une gomme - rubber

une règle - ruler

un bâton de colle - glue stick

un crayon - pencil

des ciseaux - scissors

un livre - book

un gâteau - cake

un cadeau - present

If you draw and label these on a plain piece of paper, please keep it and we can add it to your folder on your return.

Find someone at home and get them to copy you counting from 1-20 and saying the days of the week. You can also sing heads shoulders and get someone at home to join in with you!


Happy home learning everyone. Keep smiling and enjoy the sunshine :)