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Bernards Heath Junior School

'Knowing Every Child'

Year 3

mercredi l'onze septembre,


It was lovely meeting the year 3 children today and I am proud to say I think I have more or less memorised all 90 of their names! It has taken me 17 years but I am quite good at doing it now! We started the term by getting our French folders ready and decorated as well as saying my name is.....Can your child tell you their name in French? Can they remember mine?!

A bientot.

mercredi le dix-huit septembre.


This week we counted to 10 and learned some objects to go with our counting. Can your child remember 1-10. Can they show you what face to pull while saying "melon"?1 I was very impressed how quickly they picked up the words. We also played the hidden windows game which they enjoyed.

Bon weekend year 3!

mercredi le vingt-cinq septembre


Today we enjoyed watching the cartoon L'école des singes = the school of monkeys. The children were impressed by how much of the story they could understand. They should be very proud of themselves. Most of us have mastered counting up to ten as well as remembering some extra words along the way. We have grown used to greeting eachother every week, in French and introducing ourselves in French.


A mercredi!

mercredi le deux octobre


Today the children enjoyed listening to a song about numbers. Out of the 4 different skills acquired when language learning: listening, reading, writing and speaking, listening is the hardest. Some children found it easy to spot which words fitted into each gap, however, some found it a real challenge. Well done year 3 for showing the resilience and perseverance to keep trying even though the task was not easy. The more we do, the easier they will become.

A bientot.

mercredi le neuf octobre


We had a musical lesson today, listening to a song and filling in the gaps. Songs are a great way to help the children remember the key words form our modules. Can they tell you any of the names of the monkey characters we have met in the cartoon? They should be able to count from one to ten. Maybe they can teach you how?

Bon weekend year 3.

mercredi le seize octobre


We had to complete our end of unit assessment today. It took a wee while for the children to get used to the format of doing something different in class. We talked about behaviour expectations that may differ to a normal lesson. I was pleased to see most children trying their very best to sit still and listen carefully. Next time they will be experts at completing it.

Bpn weekend tout le monde.

mercredi le vingt trois octobre


We had various odds and ends to finish off today whilst also managing to cram in a wonderful musical theatre taster session hosted by a lovely lady called Jenny. We finished off our first ever end of unit test and some of us also managed to go thrugh the answers and collate our results. Well done year 3 on having the patience to sit quietly again and try hard to remember all those words we have been learning since September. The dance/theatre taster was great fun and I think the children benefited a lot from the session. We had to complete a "brain training" task that involved doing the opposites of the commands that she gave us. Can your child remember what some if her unusual opposites were?!

Bonnes vacances tout le monde. Have a lovely rest with your families.

mercredi le six novembre


Today we started our new module which begins by looking at parts of the body. This lends itself very well to the song "heads, shoulders..." Apologies in advance as I will be encouraging the children to go home and sing it as often as possible!

Bon weekend.

mercredi le treize novembre


Christmas comes early at BHJS and we are beginning our annual carol concert rehearsals. Mrs Erlandson, our beloved music teacher, works tirelessly to prepare a truly magical concert for the children and their parents. The next few Wednesdays will be taken up learning our songs so I shall return to the French blog just before the holidays.

A bientôt!

mercredi le sept janvier

Salut et bonne année!!

Welcome back year 3. Today we learned the days of the week via a very catchy song indeed. Apologies if the children have come home singing it. The catchier the tune the easier it is to remember. We also needed to catch up on some missed lessons because of the wonderful carol concert and so revised parts of the body. Can your child remember eyes - les yeux, nose - le nez, arms - les bras, mouth - la bouche, legs - les jambes, head - le tête?

A mercredi.

mercredi le quinze janvier,


Continuing on from the first set of words in the module, about parts of the body, we looked at the second six, to describe a snowman: deuxs branches, une carotte, quatre cailloux, cinq boutons, le neige, le soleil. See how many your child can remember?

Bon weekend.