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'Knowing Every Child'

Year 4

vendredi le six septembre


What a fantastic start to the term. It was lovely seeing all the children again even though their classes have been jumbled up. I am pleased to say that I think the new groups are very well suited as was clear in the wonderful behaviour shown in year 4 this morning. Today we covered the 1st six phrases from our new module "L'école magique." Can your child remember any of the animals and colours from today?

Bon weekend!

vendredi le treize septembre


This week we have learned six new animal and colour combinations in preparation for our story "L'école magique". Can your children remember some of the new animals from today. Bird is a particularly tricky one due to the spelling - oiseau (wazo). Can your child name you six colours?

A bientot!

vendredi le vingt septembre


We revised animals and colours by playing "guess which flashcard I am holding". I was very impressed by how well the children had remembered all the colours and animals from the last 2 weeks. We also began the L'école magique story and discussed the meaning of each page. Bon travail year 4!

A bientot.

vendredi le vingt-sept septembre


Wow fantastique year 4! You did very well translating the remaining pages of our story today. You also remembered all the animals and colours we have been learning. You also had the chance to show off your maths skills and tell me some sums in French. Bon travail! Really great work today.

A vendredi!

vendredi le quatre octobre


We had a musical lesson today, listening to the animals song and filling in the gaps. It was a catchy one so apologies if they are singing it all weekend. The catchy ones work best to help them remember the words. Can your child remember cat/dog/horse or how old the snake was?

Merci year 4. A vendredi.

vendredi l'onze octobre


We had to complete our end of unit assessment today. Luckily these are not too arduous and we like to think of them as quizzes instead! I was delighted to see how well behaved the children were as they do need to sit still (ish) and stay quiet for a long period of time. They showed great listening skills (the hardest of the 4 language skills to master) and concentrated very well. I am very proud of you year 4. Je suis vraiment fière de vous!

A vendredi!


vendredi le dix-huit octobre,


Today was more of an administrative day while we collated our assessment results. I am delighted to say that nearly everyone did very well on their end of unit test. Each time we do one, children become less daunted by the experience and it is very good practise for future testing. We did have time to watch 2 videos about children and their pets in France. Can your child remember the names of the budgies? How many poisson rouges did Corentin have? What colour was Sophie the tortoise?

Bon weekend!

vendredi le vingt-cinq octobre


I can't believe the holidays are finally here. We are all very tired but happy to have completed 8 weeks of learning. Today 4A's lesson was shortened due to a fire drill which is a very important thing to practise, especially for our new year 3s. In 4H we listened to the story of the Hungry caterpillar in French and the children did very well reading along in French with me and remembering some of the food words that we spoke about. Finally in 4R we had more time and decided to design Halloween themed posters and looked at all the key words in French.

Enjoy the holidays year 4. A novembre!

vendredi le huit novembre


Today we jogged our memories by remembering lots of the words we learned last half term and even some words from year 3. I am constantly impressed by how well the children remember and retain the words we look at in our French lessons. We then started our new module based on famous celebrations throughout the year. We will be learning about some new festivals and special days that are celebrated in the calendar of French speaking countries around the world. We started by learning the first 6 months of the year. Can your child remember any or all of them?

vendredi le quinze novembre


Christmas comes early at BHJS and we are beginning our annual carol concert rehearsals. Mrs Erlandson, our beloved music teacher, works tirelessly to prepare a truly magical concert for the children and their parents. The next few Wednesdays will be taken up learning our songs so I shall return to the French blog just before the holidays.

A bientôt!

vendredi le dix janvier

Salut et bonne année!

Today we talked about birthdays. We learned the numbers 21-31 and all the months. We then designed our birthday candles that will decorate our classroom next week. Can your child tell you their birthday in French?

A vendredi et bon weekend.

vendredi le dix-sept janvier


Today we did a reading comprehension about 3 French children and used the model paragraphs to inspire our own sentences describing ourselves. Can your child remember how to say whether they have a pet or not? Can they remember their birthday or what they like?

Bon weekend.