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'Knowing Every Child'

Year 4

During the second term of the Spring Term children will be working towards a performance of of the school musical 'Rock Bottom'. Children have been given lyrics, please encourage them to practice the songs and learn the words by heart.

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14-A14 Rock Bottom Rocks Part 1 (Vox).mp3

18-A18 Rock Bottom Rocks Part 2 (Vox).mp3

67-A67 Rock Bottom Rocks Part 3 (Vox).mp3

28-B28 Spell On You (Vox).mp3

46-A46 Welcome To My Life (Vox).mp3

59-A59 Down Low (Vox).mp3

48-A48 Krakatoe or two (Vox).mp3

Learning the Ukulele


In the first term of Year 4 pupils learn to play the ukulele as a class. This is a fun and relatively easy to learn instrument. Children  will be introduced to ukulele tab notation and develop their rhythmic skills through strumming. Each week pupils will learn new chords, strumming patterns and songs  with the aim of being  able to accompany their own singing on the ukulele.


Although it is not essential to have a ukulele to practice at home, if you feel you would like to purchase one we use Soprano  Octopus  Ukuleles at school. I have found these to be a good beginner instrument


Please find below  a Power Point which I have created to use during  class lessons. I have also added a Youtube link to some wonderful web tutorials which will really help your child's progress. Happy playing!

Ukulele Power Point Lessons