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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Welcome to Year 4.  The teachers are Mrs Astley, Mrs Simpson, Mr Reynolds and Mr Hynds.

Home Learning Ideas March 2020


Please click on the following internal link 'Home Learning Ideas March 2020', or click here


You will find numerous websites that will support you all, as you continue to complete your 'distance learning'.  There are many resources that are being made available, many of them for free, from various sources.  There is a lot on there, so spend some time going through it and finding things that may be of use.

Easter Egg Competition 2020

Contact your class teacher here

Send work examples or ask questions here... Please don't expect an immediate response as we are on a rota system to reduce social contact.

Week 3

Well here we are at what officially is the Easter Holidays although that is a rather strange thought right now. However, because it is really holiday time we will not be posting any new English or Maths work for two weeks. In that time do keep reading and letting us know any recommendations. Do keep exercising either inside or if you can get out for an hour with your family. Please keep sending photos of work you are proud of or drop us an email letting us know what you have been up to. We would love to hear from you.

Take care

Year 4 team

Week 2

We hope you and your families are all well.  Have you managed to keep up with the Joe Wicks exercise every day?  Mrs Astley has and is aching!  Hopefully you have found time to do some of the Maths and English we have set you just to keep you ticking over which we are changing weekly.  Today we received a letter from Mateo, which was lovely, keeping us updated on what he's been doing.  We'd love to hear from more of you, either by email or write a letter to the school.

Keep safe.

Year 4 team


While we are not at school we have posted some work for you to try. We will add to it weekly, so do look every Monday.  

Don’t try to do it all at once. It’s just as important to get some physical exercise. How about trying Joe Wicks every morning at 9am on YouTube. There is also a Young Voices Sing-a-long on Facebook each day at 11am.

Do something creative, drawing, model making from junk or painting.  Cooking is another great thing to do. 

Please keep working on your times tables and spellings.  Please keep reading, or listening to the audio books . There are some great stories out there.
Keep in touch, hopefully we will be back soon

Year 4 Team

If you want to see what we have taught over the year for each subject and what is planned for the summer term you can find it all for each year in our curriculum document on the school web site.


If you want help with the maths you can find the school's maths calculation policy on the school website. It sets out year by year how we teach different calculation methods.



At this moment in time (22nd March 2020) we are all in very strange situations!  However, we are living through what will one day become narrated History.... Porridge will go ahead at some point, the parts are in place and the lines learnt... whether this in the Summer Term or in the Autumn Term... Porridge will be stirred! 

Children in Year 5 normally perform a Christmas Play so if we cannot get back together as a Year 4 (and I sincerely think/hope we will), then Porridge will be performed in Year 5... Children can continue to learn the songs and lines... Watch other schools perform Porridge Online and make your parts BETTER!  - Mr R x

Lyrics for Year 4 Play Songs

Once Upon a Crime

Song to learn and rehearse at home for Year 4 Play

The Porridge Pot

Song to learn and rehearse at home for Year 4 Play

The Boys in Blue

Song to learn and rehearse at home for Year 4 Play

It's up to you

Song to learn and rehearse at home for Year 4 Play

While the World is Sleeping

Song to learn and rehearse at home for Year 4 Play

Happy Ever After

Song to learn and rehearse at home for Year 4 Play