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Year 5

jeudi le cinq septembre.


It was lovely seeing the new year 5s today in their new classrooms. I had the opportunity to hear about everyone's holiday and quite a few trips to France. We have started our new module, "Ma ville." Can your child remember any of the 6 places in the town we learned. One in particular made them laugh. It never fails. Can they tell you which one it is?

jeudi le douze septembre


Today we continued with our theme of buildings in the town and learned another 6. Can your child remember which 2 are the cognates - words that look, sound and mean the same? While talking about town hall "l'hotel de ville"  we also talked about the 3 words that are the motto of France - one for each colour of the French flag. Can your child tell you what one, or all, of them might be?

A bientot.

jeudi le dix-neuf septembre


This week we began our picture story called "Ma ville" all about children living in Montpellier. We discussed the words on each page. I was very impressed by how much the children could remember afterwards. Bon travail!

A bientot.

jeudi le vingt-six septembre


Year 5 did an amazing job of helping me translate the second half of our story this week. They had also managed to remember a great deal from last week's lesson. I think they have truly mastered places in the town and are growing in confidence when having to read a block of French text. Génial year 5!

A jeudi.

jeudi le trois octobre


Today we watched 3 videos about French children describing their home town of Montpellier, what they do at the weekends and how they travel to school. Can your child remember any of the modes of transport the children mentioned or any of the buildings/ places in Montpellier?

Bon weekend tout le monde.


jeudi le dix octobre


It was assessment day today. Our year 5s are very well versed in these not-too-daunting tests that I prefer to call quizzes! They are getting used to the behaviour expected whilst sitting a test as opposed to how we normally interact in lessons. Out of the 4 skills acquired when language learning: listening, reading, writing and speaking, listening is the hardest. The children cope very well with the tasks that they are asked to complete. Concentration levels were very high and everyone managed to sit still and quietly for long enough to finish. Well done today!

A jeudi!

jeudi le dix-sept octobre


Today was more of an administrative day as we collated our assessment results and went over the test. Great results from most children and I am very proud of them. It is not easy remembering all the words that we cover.

Bon weekend!

jeudi le vingt-quatre octobre


Today we worked in pairs and went on Duolingo, which is a wonderful language learning website, for all abilities. They worked well together to progress through the various levels. Half way through the lesson I gave them the opportunity to choose another language of their choice. Children chose from a huge range of languages like Czech, Japanese, Spanish, Polish and Chinese to name but a few. We are extremely proud of our multilingual and diverse community here at BHJS and some of the children's mother tongue skills really came across today. Please feel free to look at the website at home and have a go at learning a new language or practise one you already know. It is a free website:

Bonnes vacances tout le monde. A novembre!


jeudi le sept novembre


Today we started our new module "Le carnaval des animaux", named after a wonderful piece of classical music written by Camille Saint-Saens. Coincidentally we had the school cello teacher demonstrate some of her techniques in assembly on Wednesday and she happened to play the Swan extract from this very piece. I love this module as we get to learn about the composer, listen to the music and use our imaginations to guess which animals are represented by each of the 13 sections in the piece. Can your child remember which animals they guessed for the first 3 sections?Number 3 is a rather unusual animal. Maybe they can google the piece and find out what the animal actually is!

Bon weekend.

jeudi le quatorze novembre


Year 5 had a very exciting day today but sadly French was not on the menu. Instead we all enjoyed a wonderful inter-house challenge, based on the theme of the moon landing. Children worked in house groups, and with their siblings, trying to accomplish a huge variety of activities such as building rockets, circuit boards and all sorts of other moon related things. It was great to see how the children interacted with the other older and younger people in their groups. Normal service shall resume next week.

A jeudi!

jeudi le vingt et un novembre


One of my favourite modules is Le Carnaval des animaux based on the piece of classical music composed by the French man Camille Saint-Saens. Today the children finished off listening to the piece while guessing which animals were being represented in each section. Can your child tell you which section they recognised the most (made famous by a film we all know and love)?

jeudi le vingt huit novembre


In today's lesson we looked at 12 picture cards relating to "Le carnival des animaux". We learned lots of instruments, some animals and how to give a positive and a negative opinion. Can your child tell you how to say the double bass or the cello? Can they remember how to say great or terrible?

Bon weekend et à jeudi.

jeudi le cinq décembre


We have read a story about a boy and his uncle listening to some music, on a rainy day. The uncle introduces his nephew to the music of Camille Saint-Saens and together they talk about which animals are depicted by the instruments. We have learned how to compare the size of objects and how to express our opinion.

A jeudi tout le monde.

jeudi le douze décembre


Having spent a few lessons learning the vocabulary for instruments, animals and opinions, relating to the music of a French composer, we are now ready to take our modular assessment.

Bonne chance tout le monde!

jeudi le neuf janvier

Salut et bonne année!

Today we completed some admin as, due to the year 5 performance, we had a bit of catching up to do. Having collected all their assessment scores we then briefly touched on what is going to be our next module: The tortoise and the hare. We discussed what a fable is and what happens in the story. We talked about the attitude of the hare and came up with adjectives to describe his character. Can your child remember how to say hare and tortoise in French?

A jeudi.

jeudi le seize janvier


Today we started learning the words that will appear in the story. We learned 3 animals and 3 adjectives. Can your child remember any of them? (le lièvre-hare, la tortue-tortoise, l'âne-donkey, fort-strong, anxieuse-anxious, fatiguée-tired)

Bon weekend