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Bernards Heath Junior School

'Knowing Every Child'

Year 5

Home learning w/c 30th March 2020

Bonjour tout le monde!

This week we are sticking to our art theme and I would like you to copy one of Cézanne's paintings. Here are a couple or you can find your own one to copy.

Once you have drawn/coloured/painted the image, please can you include some words either underneath or on the back. These words should be some of the colours that you have used and the objects you have painted. Here are some ideas: rouge, vert, jaune, vert, vert clair (light green) vert foncé (dark green), bleu, orange, marron, une pomme, un arbre (tree), une montagne (mountain) le ciel (sky) l'ombre (shade) la lumière (light).


Don't forget to count up to 50, say the days and months and do head and shoulders with someone!


Happy painting and have another safe and healthy week with your families at home :)


Home learning w/c 23rd March 2020


Salut year 5!


This week please can you draw and label the 6 fruits that we have been learning. If you keep the piece of paper we can add to your folder on your return. Please can you also do a bit of research on, and prepare a fact file about, the artist Paul Cézanne who we will meet in the story of La montre magique.

les fruits - fruit

la pomme - apple

la poire - pear

la pêche - peach

l'ananas - pineapple

les raisins - grapes

les cerises - cherries


Find someone at home and get them to copy you counting from 1-20 and saying the days of the week. You can also sing heads shoulders and get someone at home to join in with you!

Also try to spend 20-30 minutes on


Happy home learning. Keep smiling and enjoy the sunshine :)