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Home Learning Ideas March 2020


Please click on the following internal link 'Home Learning Ideas March 2020', or click here


You will find numerous websites that will support you all, as you continue to complete your 'distance learning'.  There are many resources that are being made available, many of them for free, from various sources.  There is a lot on there, so spend some time going through it and finding things that may be of use.

Easter Egg Design Competition 2020




Well here we are, end of week two,

We’ve seen some excellent work from some of you.

Working from home can’t be done with ease,

Remember to be kind to your parents please!


We’ve enjoyed your poems, stories and reports too,

Such lovely writing has stopped us feeling blue.

We’ve been working hard from school and home,

Thank goodness we’ve all got WhatsApp on our phones!


Today should have been the end of Spring Term,

Finishing at lunchtime with energy to burn.

House points to count and certificates to write,

We never get it all finished, try as we might!


Just because these times are strange,

It doesn’t mean everything has to change.

We wouldn’t normally set Easter home learning,

And that is still the case – we are confirming.


As always keep going with your times tables,

And read lots of books, if you are able.

We won’t be setting work as we did before,

But only for two weeks – and no more!


Enjoy the holiday, do something daft,

Create an Easter hunt, or maybe Easter craft.

We will be back again in a fortnight,

Remember to come back then and check the website!


Happy Easter, have fun and enjoy the break!

From the Year 5 Team




Good morning everyone,


Well, here we are, end of week one!  We hope you have all had a safe and happy week.


We have had a few questions sent to us via the contact form below, as well as many parents 'phoning school with questions about the work being put online


The work we are uploading is to give you all some ideas of what you could be doing at home.  It is suitable for Year 5 and will cover things we would have done at school.  We are aiming to give you a breadth of activities and ideas.  This work is not compulsory.  You may dip in and out of it as you see fit.  Some families will choose to complete all of the work set and others will create their own activities.  Some families will need a strict daily timetable, for others, it will be much better to go with the flow.  At this point, everyone should do what works for them.  Please do not feel pressure to complete everything and to keep up.    Remember - everyone is in the same boat.  The mental health of our children and families is far more important to us.


We have also had a few questions about sending work into us.  If your child is particularly proud of a piece of work, please feel free to use this page (or email directly on with photos of work that they have completed.  We will always aim to provide answers for work where we can so that you can go through the work together.  If you are unsure on how to complete a task, or whether your child has done a task correctly, please do email to ask!


Stay well, stay safe and stay inside smiley

Contact your class teacher here

Send work examples or ask questions here... Please don't expect an immediate response as we are on a rota system to reduce social contact.

As you can imagine, we are in a very challenging situation where we are trying our best to find the most efficient way to share work for you all, whilst maintaining communication as best we can and providing work and activities for those children still in school.


Work, set by the Year 5 teachers, to be completed at home

We will provide three pieces of Maths and English a week, along with some other topic based work.

Please note:

  • Pace yourselves!  These activities should last one week.  Don’t complete everything in one day.
  • The work we set should be completed independently, with support from parents where necessary. 
  • We will endeavour to provide answers for work (where possible) for you to check through with your child.
  • Times tables practice, reading, spelling and handwriting can be done at any time, any day and as much as possible, throughout the week.
  • Please also check the links under the ‘Parents’ tab on the website for additional websites and activities for things to do.



On our Year 5 page, you will have the ability to contact us for the purposes of asking questions about work we have set.

Any email contact will be checked daily (Monday-Friday) before 10am.  All school staff are working on a rotation, so Year 5 staff will not be in school together at any point.  Therefore, please don’t expect an instant response to an email, as we may need to discuss things with each other before we can reply.  We will endeavour to be as clear and concise as possible, so that email communication can be kept for urgent queries.


Having said all of this, we are in an ever changing situation, and we will keep you updated as and when we need to.


Wishing you well,

Year 5 Team


Welcome to Year 5!

Check the blog regularly for updates from all of the classes and for home work.


A plea for restocking of personal equipment!!


It has come to our attention that many children are not equipped for the school day, and it is becoming quite a big problem.  A long time is being wasted in lessons looking for spare pens, borrowing pens, losing equipment and worksheets are getting lost because they are not being stuck in, etc.


A glue stick is 50p

A blue pen is 30p

A green pen is 30p

A whiteboard pen is 30p


Every child really MUST be equipped with these basic items.


Thank you for sending the children in with a pack of tissues, please continue to do so.  Personal bottles of hand sanitisers are also welcomed.  If you are able to contribute a box of tissues to the class, they would be very much appreciated.



Thanks again for your ongoing support.