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Bernards Heath Junior School

'Knowing Every Child'

Year 6

mardi le dix septembre


It is so lovely to see our new year 6 children. My, how they have grown up over the summer! This week we started our new module "Un concours de sport". We revised parts of the body and learned some new and tricky phrases describing sports and circus related activities. How many different parts of the body can they remember? Can they remember cycling? - the word velodrome was given as an example to help them remember it.

A bientot.

mardi le dix-sept septembre


Today we started our picture story "Le concours de sport."  We discussed the meaning of all the words and I was very impressed how well the children translated each page. They are getting better and better at coping with longer, more complicated texts. Bon travail year 6!

A bientot.

mardi le vingt-quatre septembre


What an exciting day for BHJS today! The rain did not manage to spoil our fun or learning, despite a lengthy power cut. We went the old fashioned way and got out the mini whiteboards and did some general revision on giving personal information followed by an exciting game of 5s. Children had to write a list of 5 words depending on the category. Can your child remember some of the words they used in the game?

A mardi!

mardi le quinze octobre


Today we had to complete our end of unit assessment. The year 6s are very well versed in doing these now. The assessments are a great way to revise all the words we have covered in the earlier weeks. It is also good practise for future testing. Behaviour expectations are slightly different in an exam environment and I am happy to say that almost all of the year group managed to sit silently and sensibly throughout the duration of the test. Well done year 6.

mardi le premier octobre,


Today we finished off the story about the school sports contest. I am delighted to see how comfortable most of year 6 are reading French words out loud and translating the words on each page. I am noticing that I am gradually able to give them less help along the way which is very encouraging. Can they tell you some of the different activities the characters did in order to win? 6N and 6H were lucky enough to witness my own juggling skills! Can your child have a go at juggling over the weekend?

A mardi!

mardi le huit octobre


Today we watched 3 videos about children doing exercise in France. We listened to children giving out instructions in French using the 3rd person plural (vous) command form. We then followed their instructions and did the warm up ourselves. It's always a good idea to stand up and be active at some point during our lessons. We learned the verbs respirez/relachez/mettez/tournez/ pliez/descendez. The third video explained the rules of petanque/boules which many of the children already knew how to play or had seen people playing in France. Can they tell you the rules of the game?

mardi le vingt deux octobre


After a gruelling Monday replete with tests I thought I would treat year 6 to a go on the school laptops. They worked in pairs and went on Duolingo, which is a wonderful language learning website, for all abilities. They worked well together to progress through the various levels. Half way through the lesson I gave them the opportunity to choose another language of their choice. Children chose from a huge range of languages like Czech, Japanese, Spanish, Polish and Chinese to name but a few. We are extremely proud of our multilingual and diverse community here at BHJS and some of the children's mother tongue skills really came across today. Please feel free to look at the website at home and have a go at learning a new language or practise one you already know. It is a free website:

Bonnes vacances tout le monde. A novembre!

mardi le cinq novembre


Today we learned how to say the seasons of the year as well as some weather phrases. I was impressed by how well the children could remember some weather phrases that we haven't seen since year 3! Can they tell you some of the seasons? Winter looks a bit like shiver which is how we can remember it.

Bon weekend.

mardi le douze novembre


Today we learned all about the seasons and the weather. By the end of the lesson children were able to produce sentences describing the weather for each of the four seasons. Some children also used a connective to make their sentences longer. I was very impressed how accurately they wrote their sentences. Can they tell you how to say it's hot/cold/sunny/nice or spring/winter?

Bon weekend!

mardi le dix-neuf novembre


This week we started learning about La Camargue nature reserve in southern France. We read about the animals that live on the nature reserve and what they eat. Can your child tell you about the different animals? La Camargue is also famous for producing something very useful that we all have in our households. Can your child remember what it is?

A mardi

mardi le sept janvier

Salut et bonne année!

Today we began our journey through verbs. I don't tend to focus too much on grammar at primary level, however, as we approach year 7, it is key that children at least know how to recognise and construct some of the more common verbs in French so that they can start producing sentences. We looked at all the personal pronouns, the order in which they appear, and what each one means. Can your child remember how many pronouns there are in French and how to say some or all of them?

Je=I, tu=you, il=he, elle=she, nous=we, vous=you(plural/polite), ils=they(masc), elles= they(fem)

mardi le quatorze janvier


Today was our second lesson on personal pronouns. I was delighted that many children had remembered them from the week before and could explain why they were used. We then touched on how to form a family of French verbs called "er" verbs. Can your child tell you why they have that name? How many other groups of verbs are there?

Bon weekend.