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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Year 6 Homework

This term, our D and T project is to make a shelter which is strong enough to support a 2kg weight along with being rain and wind proof. We would like the children to bring materials from home which they will use to make their shelter. We will be making our shelters on Tuesday afternoon.


Y6 Literacy Homework    

‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ Book Review

Due: Wednesday 8th January, 2020.

Write a book review persuading or dissuading others to read the book.

Make reference to the text when you write.

You may hand write or type the review.

The review should include the following sections:

  1. Title of book, author
  2. Introduction Clearly state your opinion (use a question to draw the reader in & introduce main character & story)
  3. Summary (summarise the story without giving away the ending)
  4. Justify opinions: Explain why you enjoyed the book. Describe your favourite character and your favourite part of the story.
  5.  Summary of your opinion


Present your review on A4 white paper. Think presentation!





No spellings this week



The children have a reading record which needs recording in 5 times a week and signed once by a parent/carer. Please try and hear your child read out loud once a week. This will help them with their expression and performance.


The homework diary is an organiser or communication tool for you to contact us about the homework that is set throughout the year. We expect this to be signed once a week as well. This new book will support them with their transition into Year 7. Their spellings should be stuck into this book.

Year 6 suggested reading list.

Year 6 Meeting for Parents

Here is a copy of the Powerpoint that we used in the meeting.

Useful Websites For Key Maths Skills


Information for Year 6 Leader Roles